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Tips and Tricks - Address Book

Tips & Tricks: A reference of helpful features & capabilities in Law Office Automation Tools that will help you work more effectively. Give them a try!

Learning Series

Numbering Tool

Hotkeys & Desktop Settings

Favorites & Carry-over

Address Book

Group Mailings

Private Codes
Duplicate a Record
Assign Record Ownership
Accessing the Address Book Without Launching Word

Business Pak


Assign Different Mailing Certifications to 5164 Labels

Address Book Report for Personal Organizers



Carry Over - A better 'Save As'!
Line Spacing in Numbered Pleadings(Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2)
Caption Finish



Changing the document author

Working with documents (earlier versions) in Office

Five Word Time Saving Tips

AutoFormat Tables

Math Functions in Tables

System Information

Reading Layout

Paste Options

Task Pane

Smart Quotes

Transparent Numbering Scheme

Hidden Paragraph
Style Separator

Reveal Formatting
Inserting a Hyperlink in a Document

Remove Hidden/Personal Information from a Document
Accessing Documents You Use Often
Remove Formatting from Whole Document or Selected Text
Create a Slashed Zero Character
Vertical Headings in a Table
Password Protected Documents

Line Numbers
Format Painter
Multi Select Text

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Mailbox Cleanup

Using Signatures for Canned Text

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Requirements for Setting Up a New Site Running KI Systems Law Automation Tools

How to Modify a KI Systems Logo Document

Windows XP Start Menu

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