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Tips and Tricks - Address Book



Private Codes:
can be assigned to records in the Address Book then used in queries for Mail Merge documents.

Users can edit, add and delete their own set of private codes .

To Assign/Unassign Codes:

  • Open the Address Book.

  • Query the Address Book for the record you want.

  • The records that match your selection criteria will be displayed in the Query Results Name section.

  • To view Codes, select a name and click on the Codes tab. The Codes screen will appear with the list of assigned Public Codes for this record.

  • Click in the Private radio button or press Alt + I.

The following screen will appear:


  • To define a Private code, click on the Define button.

  • Enter in the name for the New Code, then click Add. Continue to add to the list of Private Codes as necessary. When done, click Close.

  • To assign a code, click on the code from the Available Codes in the lower list box.

  • To remove a code assignment, select the code and click Remove.

Multiple codes may be assigned or removed.