About KI Systems

Company History:

Established in 1994, KI Systems has assisted many firms to transition from Novell and WordPerfect based systems to Windows networks and Microsoft Office products. Our Office Automation Tools are a culmination of our customer requests, court rule requirements, adminstrative and end-user needs.  Simplify task through automation is our motto.

We have developed third-party add-on products beginning with Microsoft Word 1.0 and Microsoft SQL Server for OS/2. Our longtime dedication to the development of Microsoft product add-ons for the legal industry gives us a unique history into the development and direction of Microsoft technology, past and present. Many of our customers have upgraded through several versions of Microsoft Office and our Office Automation Tools. New customers contact us based on word of mouth, our reputation and requests from users who have utilized our system in other firms.

For Law Firms, it should be noted that many of our staff are also from the legal industry. This gives our organization a unique perspective into the needs of law firms and their users. We understand the inner workings of your organization and the needs of attorneys, partners, associates, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal staff, administrative staff, human resources, records and management. We also understand the sensitive nature of your work and the need for confidentiality.

Since our company's inception we have been a Microsoft Solution Provider company with 50% of our employee base being Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Owner Kristi Oberbillig is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma Washington with a BS in Economics. Active in the legal industry since 1981, her experience and in-depth knowledge of legal standards provides the foundation for KI Systems' document production packages. Kristi has designed complex integrated systems for a variety of businesses and national law firms.