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Line Spacing in Numbered Pleadings (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2)

For jurisdictions that require vertical numbering to the left of a pleading, it is important that all of the text in the pleading line up to these numbers.

The starting point for all text is based on the size of the caption.  Some captions can be quite lengthy and cannot be programmatically detected so that the text following the caption is lined up nicely.

When the first line of text falls between two numbers:

  • Position the cursor on the line immediately following the caption.
  • Press Enter.
  • You now have two blank lines below the caption.
  • Go to the first line and press Ctrl+1.

This will format the line as "exactly 12".  The second line remains formatted as "exactly 24".

  • Go to the second line and begin typing the text of the pleading.