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Hidden Paragraph

By default, every paragraph in Word can be assigned only one style.  However, by using a Hidden Paragraph, you can mix styles in the same paragraph.  This is also helpful if you are using Word's Heading styles to generate a Table of Contents.  If your paragraph contains a Heading style you want to use in the TOC, Word will find it and use it.

First, clear the "Hidden Text" box:

  • Select Tools, Options, View
  • Clear the "Hidden Text" box if it is selected
  • Click OK

In Office 2000/97 you can use a hidden paragraph to allow the use of two paragraph styles within the same paragraph.

  • With Show/Hide on, apply Heading 1 to the desired text.
  • Press enter and apply Body Text, Normal or a style of your choice to the second paragraph.
  • To force the two paragraph styles to appear as one paragraph, Highlight the paragraph marker at the end of Heading 1 and use Format, Font to apply the font attribute "Hidden" to the paragraph mark.
  • When you use Print Layout, Print Preview or send a document to Print it will appear the same when you turn Show/Hide off (i.e. the two paragraphs appear as one).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The style separator is a special form of a hidden paragraph mark, so documents created in Word 2002 with style separators appear the same in Word 2000 and Microsoft Word 97, unless you click to select the Show All check box. If you select the Show All check box in earlier versions of Word, the style separator hidden paragraph mark will appear as a normal paragraph mark, and the document will repaginate. You can delete the style separator, whether visible or not, just like any other character. When you do this, the formatting of the text after the separator assumes the formatting of the text before the separator, as expected. Also, when you view documents created in Word 2002 with style separators in earlier Word versions, do not click to select Show All.

NOTE: The functionality of outline levels is lost if you save the document in a version of Word earlier than Word 2002.