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Assign Record Ownership

Consider this scenario:  Attorney A retires and the Systems Administrator deletes her from the Employee Address Book.  Newly-hired Attorney B is replacing A and would like a list of A's records in the Address Book.  When she runs an Address Book Report by owner, Attorney A is no longer listed as an employee.

To avoid this, the Systems Administrator should retain Attorney A in the Employee Address Book and A's secretary should assign ownership of all of A's records to B.


When a user creates a record, that user becomes the owner of the record.  Other users can view, modify and even delete the record (unless the owner has tagged it as a private record).  But if a non-owner creates an Address Book Report based on ownership, only the records he or she created will be included.

If a user wants to include records in this report that he or she has not created, the owner of the record can grant ownership to another user.

  • Click on Address Book, View Address Book
  • Search for and select the record you want
  • Click on the Address tab

The following screen appears:

  • Click on the Owners button.

The following screen appears:

  • The name of the owner of the record appears on the left and all other employees of the firm are listed to the right.
  • Highlight the name to whom you wish to grant ownership and click on the Add Button.
  • The new owner will appear on the left.
  • Click Close when done.

When the new owner run an Address Book Report by Owner, this record will appear on the report.