Firm Names Administration


Company Address and office location preference information is administered via the Firm Names Tab in the KI Admin Tool. This information is utilized during document creation for office location logos, address and phone information, and settings for the document management system (if available).

If your firm has multiple office locations, you can create an entry for each site, identifying the individual office in the Location field of the Preferences Information tab.

If an office location's information changes (i.e. an area code change) administration is a snap.  Open the KI Admin Tool, make the change and click Save.  This data is now immediately available to all users.  The beauty of a centralized database is clear:

  • No desktop updates required for Office location changes

  • No desktop updates required for adding a new Office location

  • No desktop updates required for changing your Office Letterhead Logos

  • No desktop updates required when maintaining your active Employee information

  • Near-zero Administration

When adding employees to the database using the User Administration feature, you assign each employee to the appropriate office location.  This assignment automatically allows retrieval of default Office information (logos, address information, etc.) for individual users during the document creation process.


KI Admin Tool

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Firm Names Administration

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