Dictionary Administration


User preference and office location assignments are administered via the User Names Tab of the KI Admin Tool.  

A variety of individual user settings are available allowing the system to dynamically reflect each user's individual preferences.  Our user information is stored within the Enterprise Address Book.  This method of storage allows immediate access to updated information from each and every desktop without the need to manually push out daily file updates.

Available User preference settings include:

  • Preference Name

  • Preference Initials

  • User Initials

  • File Save Initials

  • File Save Number

  • Network Initials

  • Direct Dial Phone Number

  • Direct Dial Fax Number

  • Letter Salutation Preference

  • Default Address Book Preference

  • Letterhead Options to include: Name, Title, Direct Dial, Direct Fax and/or E-mail

  • Letter Closing Preference

  • Letter Signature Block Preference top include: Company Name and/or User Title

  • Office Location Assignment

  • E-Mail Addresses

  • Bar Numbers

KI Admin Tool

What's Included:

Firm Names Administration

User Administration

Form Bank Organizer

Client Matter

Dictionary Administration