Washington Pleading Pak


Comparatively, KI Systems simply offers more included templates.

Our Office Automation Tools include eleven (11) templates customized to the court rules and your firm's specifications. 

The Washington Pleading Pak contains the following templates:

  • State Generic Pleading

  • State Superior Court Pleading

  • State Court of Appeals Brief

  • State Court of Appeals Pleading

  • State Supreme Court Brief

  • US Bankruptcy Court Pleading

  • US District Court Pleading - Eastern District

  • US District Court Pleading - Western District

  • US Court Appeals - 9th Circuit Brief

  • US Court Appeals - 9th Circuit Pleading

  • US Supreme Court Brief

Click on this Sample Pleading link to view available wizard information collected during document creation. 

We also offer Office 2007, 2003, and Office XP versions.  Please note not all templates are available in earlier product versions.

Pleading Pak....

We offer a variety of jurisdictions.

What's Included:

Additional jurisdictions and court formats are available.