Sample Pleading


The following is a sample of the Pleading Template wizards.  Wizards are tailored to the requirements of each court and provide an easy way to produce Caption Bank Documents and Final Pleadings:

  • Caption Tab
    Select a county from the drop down list
    Provide the Judge's Name after "The Honorable"
    Provide the Plaintiff's name.
    Select the Type of Plaintiff from the drop down list
    Select the Type of Plaintiff from the drop down list
    Provide the Defendant's name
    Select the Type of Defendant from the drop down list
    Provide the Case No.
    Provide the Title of the pleading
    Click in the Include Third Party Caption if appropriate.

  • Third Party/Cross-Complainant Tab
    If a Third Party or Cross-Complainant Caption is selected, click Next and a Caption Tab will be displayed.  Up to three Third Party/Cross-Complainant Captions can be selected.

  • Signature Tab
    Click the appropriate radio buttons for the Signature Block Selections and Date Type
    Select the author's name from the Select Name or Type Initials box
    Click the double chevron buttons to add/remove the author's name
    To rearrange the order in which the signature names appear, highlight the name you want moved and click on the up or down arrow
    Provide the client type from the drop down box in the Attorney's For field
    Provide the Client Name
    To Include Firm Address Below Signature Block, click in this box
  • Caption Bank Tab
    Click the Save to Caption Bank check box if this caption should be stored in the firm's Caption Bank
  • Office Location Tab
    If your firm has multiple offices, this tab will appear.  Select the office to which you are assigned and the correct address and phone information will appear where appropriate in the pleading

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