Standard Macros


Macros streamline document assembly by allowing you to access automated components as needed. Office Automation Tools include the macro processes listed below. Need to change that Signature Block? Want to build your own menu? Want to re-use that old document with old letterhead or out-dated contact information? Office Automation Tools has the macro for you. 

  • Letter Signature Block

  • Corporate Signature Block

  • Individual Signature Block

  • Minutes Signature Block 

  • Pleading Signature Block - Standard Format

  • Pleading Signature Block - Order Format

  • Pleading Signature Block - Brief Format

  • Get Enterprise Address Book Macro

  • View Enterprise Address Book Macro

  • Double Indent Macro

  • Discovery Numbering Macro

  • Caption Finish Macro

  • Form Bank Organizer Tool *
    *Optional feature of Business Pak

  • "Carry Over" - A Better Save As!  With Carry Over, your users save time by dynamically updating Recipient/Contact, Signer and Office information into new documents.

  • Custom Toolbar and New Document Menu System for Accessing KI Systems Document creation and assembly processes

  • New Favorites Menu allows you to adapt our New Document Menu System to display your Favorite templates.  You can even include your own templates on our menu structure

  • Custom File Save with Built-in Document Numbering System

  • Desktop Settings macro allows users to define their favorite settings such as Signers, Updating or Hard Date, preference Mailing Certification, preference state Pleading Pak, preference for including Logos or using pre-printed paper

  • Seven Print Address Book Reports

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What's Included:

Business Templates

Standard Macros

Address Book Reports